Our First Day!

Our First Day!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014

Dear Parents,

I wanted to make sure you got an update on next week's events. First, the Christmas program for grades 5-8 is on Thursday evening. If your child is in band, they need to be here by 6:10 in our classroom to warm up together. If they aren't in band, they should be here by 6:15. The program starts at 6:30. If your child is in the chorus only or a card presenter (they know who they are) he/she should wear church appropriate clothes. If your child is a Rhymer, he/she should wear black pants and long sleeved black shirt- shoes are your choice.

Our party is on Friday. I plan to bring small sandwiches and maybe some soup. If you want to send your child's favorite snack, that would be great. We'll put it out and have a snack buffet. If your child wants to bring a favorite drink, that would be fine too. In case of bad weather and school is closed, we will have our party on Friday afternoon the first week back from vacation. School is dismissed at 11:00 and no lunch will be served.

Students took a history test, math test, and spelling test this morning. We are finishing up a chapter in science as well and will have a test next week. We have a nice display in the hallway of pyramids the students made that have information about ancient Egypt on them. They have also created some Egyptian artwork, and made a poster about a topic on ancient Egypt. The test went very well this morning and they should have it in their take-home folders.

We started doing sentence dictation on our spelling test this week. I started with just one sentence. This will count as a separate grade from their test. A great way to practice spelling words with your child at home is to take the list they bring home with you on errands. Ask them to spell a word while you wait at a traffic light, wait in line, etc. Ask them to use the word in a sentence to check their understanding of its meaning.

We've began studying Jesus' parables in religion class. This next week we will read the accunt of Jesus' birth.

Students have been working on capitalization this week. Next week we will be working on punctuation review.

I hope your family has a blessed Christmas. Remember that it isn't the gifts they get that your child will remember all their lives, it is the time you spend with them creating memories that will last a lifetime. I hope you can attend a worship service with your child as well.

God's blessings and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year in Christ,

Rhonda Tull

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